Can a Minor rent a Hotel Room in Canada?

In general, a minor is generally considered to be anybody who has not attained the age of 18 years old. However, in
Canada, the age of a minor can varies in each province.

Province Definition of minor child
British Columbia Person under 19 years
Alberta Person under 18 years
Saskatchewan Unmarried person under 16 years
Manitoba Person under 18 years
Ontario Person under 18 years
Quebec Person under 18 years
Nova Scotia Person under 19 years
New Brunswick Person under 19 years
Newfoundland Person under 16 years (youth defined as a person who is 16 years or older, but under the age
of 18)
Prince Edward
Person under 18 years
Person under 19 years
Yukon Person under 19 years
Nunavut Person under 19 years

The age difference comes with a whole lot of different privileges and expectations. People below the age of 18
are considered to be irresponsible and immature to be left alone to make independent decisions. Minors are often
guided by their parents or other close adults. A minor often makes various mistakes and maybe pardoned depending
on the nature of the wrongdoing, other mistakes usually call for the attention of the parents to keep the
mischievous minors on checking and on the right path. Other instances may require a minor to stay alone and away
from the parents, activities such as sports, music, festivals, academic trips, and team-building or camping may
temporarily separate a minor from the parents.

Conditions such as the above may demand that a parent rents a temporary place for the child to stay. The most
convenient temporary residence is a hotel. When a parent is compelled to make these kinds of decisions, there
are a lot of things to consider ensuring the safety and the well being of the minor.

Can a minor stay in a hotel alone in Canada? Many countries all over the world have various laws and
parameters that govern hotels and the operation of hotels. Canada, for example, a minor is restricted to a
great length when it comes to booking hotel rooms for whatever reasons. Logically, no hotel can deny or
restrict a guest just because of age, however, due to various law requirements, minors are not allowed to
book and stay in a hotel without the company of parents or responsible adults.

In Canada, parents are also not allowed to rent hotel rooms for minors to conduct activities such as parties with
friends. A parent can, however, rent a hotel room in Canada, but this must stay in the room per the law. The
parent has to ring the hotel booking or physically visit the hotel and state reasons for booking. The reasons
must abide by the law and ensure that the minor in question has no better alternative to renting a hotel room.

What to consider as a minor before making a reservation at the hotel

Any minor, who is compelled to travel to any location that calls for making
a hotel reservation should be open-minded. In the current world, almost everything or any kind of information
can be found online. It is important to find out various hotel reservations criteria from the internet. If you
are intending on visiting a designated location, gather all the necessary information about hotels and
accommodation. This will enable you to understand the requirements for booking particular hotels. From the
website of the selected hotel, you will find valuable information such as age restrictions, accepted code of
conduct, and the mode of payment.

Hotels in Canada do not have specific set standards for all the hotels to operate on. This, therefore, means that
various cities such as
, Montreal, and other cities in Canada have different standards. If you do a proper search then
you will most likely settle in a favorite hotel that will accommodate your tender age.

Is there any legal age for minors to be left home alone?

There is no specific law or legal mandate that may compel a parent not to leave kids alone at home. This also
extends to leaving minors to stay alone, away from home, for example in a hotel room. The only problem here is
that the law will hold somebody responsible if a minor commits an offense or violates the law to a greater
capacity. It is the parent who bears the burden of offenses committed by their children. This raises a question
of can a parent rent a hotel room for a minor in Canada?

This, therefore, compels parents to monitor the whereabouts of their minors. Minors are mischievous; they might
not necessarily commit any crime, but might engage in risky activities that may harm them. For these obvious
reasons, hotels in Canada do not entertain hosting minors who want to stay in their rooms without the company of

Age requirements differ from one country to another

Every country has its minimum age requirements for renting hotels; also, various hotels differ when it comes to
the age requirements for renting hotel rooms. The universally accepted minimum age requirement for reserving
hotel rooms is 18; however, in some countries such as the U.S, there are some hotels that reserve rooms for
young stars, as young as 16 years old. At the same time, some hotels do not reserve even an 18 year old; their
minimum age for hotel room reservation is 21. The main reason for this is because; the hotels do not accept any
liability in case of any eventuality.

For hotels that operate in most vibrant cities with lots of night events and parties, the minimum age requirement
for hotel room reservations is 21. It is very unlikely that cities with lots of casinos and bars will have
hotels that allow room reservations from minors. Both the parent and the minor needs to understand the dynamics
of a given city or town before making a hotel room reservation.

Consideration for exceptions to the minimum age requirement

In Canada, to some extent, minimum age requirements may be reconsidered. Most hotels would not restrict a minor
from room reservation if a parent or guardian is using his/her official name and credit card to make the
reservation. Through this, a parent can be allowed to rent a hotel room for a minor even without physically
appearing in the hotel for reservations.

Also, a younger guest who is not yet 18, but travel in groups of adults or with an adult is allowed in hotel
rooms. The reservation can be done over the phone or the counter. Even though this kind of arrangement is
allowed, the information about the minor will still be sort by the hotel management. This helps the hotel to
keep track of all the guests who check-in and out of the hotel. While checking into the hotel room, the adult
guest who accompanies the minor is presumed to be liable for any eventuality.

Call the hotel

It will not be okay to solely depend on the information found on the hotel website. For accuracy, when you want
to make a hotel room reservation for a minor, call the hotel line and inquire about all the details. Explain in
detail the purpose of the reservation, whether you will accompany the minor, or whether the minor can stay alone
without any problem. Also, inquire about the payment options and if any additional documentation or information
is needed. You will notice that almost all hotels in Canada have similar modes of room reservations. While
coming up with ways on how to know if a parent can rent a hotel room for a minor in Canada, its essential to
know that a parent or guardian has to prepare requirements for the minor accompanying. The room reservation
requirements are almost a replica of the other. It is important to inform the minor on all the requirements of
the selected hotel, what to expect, and the type of dishes on board.

How do Minors travel?

In the current world, people travel for various reasons, for the minors, traveling is majorly for pursuing an
education or team building activities with their peers. For the kids who are pursuing education, it has become
common that most of them go far from their homes. During the holidays, some minors have to travel across
inter-cities and some also from abroad. This makes it very crucial for parents to look for hotel rooms to rent
for their kids before they finally come home. In Canada, some hotels may also require a short message from a
parent to reserve the room for the traveling minor. Other hotels may not even ask such kind of information to
reserve room for the minor under such conditions.

Hotels should not discriminate

Just like the law states in Canada. Discrimination of any kind is condoned; be it on gender, religion, ethnicity,
or race. Hotels should be hospitable to any client in need. In most cases, hotels do not discriminate based on
age, however, in-depth information should be sought in case a minor is to be reserved a room alone.

It is not prudent for a hotel to ask for your age as a guest; however, upon checking into the hotel, the guest
must produce his or her identification documents. If the guest is a minor, then the correct policy for the hotel
should be employed. Every hotel has its policies and rules, but the most important aspect for a guest is
hospitality and security. For any parent who wants to rent a room for a minor. Consider all these factors
discussed in this article.


It is also important for a parent who wishes to rent a hotel room for a minor to know this; anything you request
that is an extra amenity will incur extra charges.

Canada has very advanced hotel services with some sophisticated operating standards; these hotels accommodate
people from all walks of life including kids. But before you think of renting a hotel room for your minor,
acquaint yourself with the styles, policies, and various services in place.

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