Pros and cons of living in Kelowna, Canada

Are you thinking of moving to Canada and not sure which is the best destination to do so? Are you hesitating between several similar cities near the most mountainous and touristic area of the country but you are not clear about which one suits your work needs and your lifestyle? Maybe that ideal city you are looking for and that will fulfill all your requirements is Kelowna.

A Canadian county that during most of the year becomes a tourist place that attracts millions of nature lovers, but also has a large population that enjoys the advantages of living in such a picturesque place away from the noise of the big cities.

Kelowna is considered a unique country and the advantages of living in Kelowna far outweigh the disadvantages. The positives are nature everywhere, nice climate, a united neighborhood, and an amazing place for wine lovers. The negatives are high costs, few employment options.

Before deciding whether or not to stay in this place you should think about all the pros and cons of moving to such a different place since normally those who decide to start their new life in Kelowna come from crowded urban centers that have little or nothing to do with the quiet and homely life that characterizes this place.

People who move there will have to choose in which area of the county they want to live, being able to choose between the center, the west area, and Lake Country. The difference?

The landscape we will enjoy and the population density, since the further into the mountain we are the fewer people there will be and the better views we will have, thanks to the beautiful Lake Okanagan that bathes the entire region.

Next, for all those who are thinking of starting a new life in this beautiful place in Canada, no matter what area you decide to do it in, I will explain the main pros and cons of living in Kelowna Canada.

A place full of possibilities both for young people looking to start a family, and for retirees looking to spend their last years surrounded by peace and rural charm.


Pros of living in Kelowna Canada

1. Nature and charm everywhere

For those who are looking for a change of scenery and are tired of the crowded atmosphere of big cities and the bustle of people typical of large urbanization, Kelowna is your best option.

This beautiful Canadian county is surrounded by mountains everywhere, being the great Okanagan Lake one of its main tourist attractions for those who are looking to disconnect from everything and start living at a much quieter pace.

Do you want to open the window of your house and breathe the mountain breeze and enjoy the view of a beautiful forest tinged with the colors of autumn without leaving home? Then you should move to Kelowna.

2. The climate is enviable

There are many people who claim that one of the main reasons that have led him to stay in this place after spending a few days on vacation is its climate.

This place enjoys a very marked climate in which the four seasons of the year are clearly differentiated, with a warm, sunny and dry summer; a humid and fresh autumn; a pleasant and rainy spring and a very cold winter with snowfalls that will make us feel that we are inside an authentic Christmas story.

For all those people who hate unstable climates, more typical of coastal areas and who need to live in cooler areas for health reasons, starting to live in Kelowna can be your best decision.

The pure air of its hillsides will bring them that extra peace and health they have longed for.

3. Education

If you intend to create a family or you are already the parent of several children, you will be interested to know that in Kelowna there are multiple schooling options for both primary and secondary education, with prestigious study centers where your children can be trained and become great professionals of what they propose.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of carrying out postgraduate and university studies in the same city, either at the UBC Campus in Okanagan or at its University.

Although, for those who are looking for more prestigious universities that increase their future possibilities, the other available option closer to home is Columbia University.

With the only disadvantage of being further away, but with a great statewide program of study.

Culture and leisure

If you thought that a city in the middle of the mountain only serves to walk and rest some of the day’s work, you are totally wrong.

In Kelowna there are all kinds of cultural activities that will make both tourists and residents enjoy themselves. There is also a wide range of restaurants with very varied cuisine that will delight lovers of good food.

From a tour of the vineyards and wineries of the city, to an afternoon of golf among friends while watching the sunset.

In Kelowna, you will never be able to say that you are bored because there will always be something new to do and to discover of this wonderful natural place.

3. Job Opportunities

In 2018, this city had the third-best record in job production in all of Canada, demonstrating that a rural area does not have to be a place with few job opportunities.

While it is true that one of the main engines of the economy of this city is tourism, it also has other sources of stable income from agriculture, wine growing, health care, high technology, small businesses, construction, and manufacturing nationally.

Despite being a city with a relatively small population, with approximately 100,000 inhabitants in its most central area and only about 30,000 in the most remote areas, Kelowna does not stop growing and innovating to continue offering future options to all those who decide to stay to live among its mountains.

4. Kindness and a united neighborhood

One of the main problems that the great cities of the world have is the lack of civility.

No one cares about anyone, because living in such a big place and with so many people, we forget the importance of paying attention to others and offering our help at home in need.

The hustle and bustle of urban life makes us cold and distant, something that causes many people when they retire to look for other types of neighbors who are closer and have a more ingrained sense of community.

And that is precisely what they will find when they move to Kelowna: kindness, empathy, and a sense of community that can be found in few places in the world.

Being a much smaller population, most people know each other and families have been growing for generations; something that can rarely be seen today in major world capitals.

Many tourists return year after year to spend their summer vacations in Kelowna because they assure that the good treatment they receive from its people is not found anywhere else.

So if you are looking for better neighbors and the hospitality of an entire city, don’t hesitate to move to this wonderful city in Canada.

5. Wine tradition

Do you like wines? Are you thinking of investing in this business? Then do not hesitate to move to Kelowna, because it is one of the most important places in the country in terms of wine cellars.

For a few years now, the city has positioned itself as one of the most important wine destinations on the international scene, with several wines having won awards in prestigious international competitions.

So if you are into wine, whether for business or pleasure, Kelowna could become the ideal place to realize your dreams.

Cons of living in Kelowna

1. High costs

Beauty comes at a price, and living in a place as unique as Kelowna is not something that everyone can afford.

Even though this city is much more affordable than other more populated cities like Vancouver or Toronto, it still has very high living costs that will only be affordable to families with stable and high incomes.

The cost of a standard-sized home in Kelowna is usually around $700,000, which is practically impossible for most middle-class people with a temporary job.

The other option available for living is to opt for renting rather than buying a home, but the rent is still too high for the tighter wages.

This is why Kelowna is usually reserved for people whose life is already more centered, such as a married couple with or without children, the place to be for a single person looking for a job who would find it quite difficult to get by with all the initial expenses of a new home.

2. Few employment options

Although we have previously commented that one of the strengths of this city is its job growth, the options for establishing a new business outside the predominant sectors of the area are quite limited.

As it is a rural population far away from the more cosmopolitan trends that predominate in big cities, the emerging sectors that tend to attract more youth cannot prosper, limiting the new opportunities for those who work in some of the predominant sectors of the area.


These are the main pros and cons of living in Kelowna Canada. As you can see the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, but it does not make it any less important to have to assess both aspects together before making the final decision to move to this city.

I hope that with this simple list of pros and cons of living in Kelowna Canada, we have helped you to solve any doubt. Enjoy!

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